Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Gozova?

A. Gozova connects you to a truck and two guys to help move your items. Set the time and date you'd like our guys to arrive and have your items moved with a push of a button.

Q. Why do we always send 2 people for each pickup?

A. We care about your items being 100% safe. While we could possibly offer lower prices with one person, 90% of the items we haul, really do require 2 people to be fully safe for both the cargo and the person lifting the items.

Q. Where is Gozova available?

A. You can request a Gozova pickup in the following locations

Q. How much does it cost?

A. You can get a free estimate here! The price depends on the amount of miles and the time it takes to load/unload your items. Gozova offers a flat rate starting at $59 for our special retail partners to make store delivery a breeze.

Q. Do I need to wait at the pickup location?

A. Nope! If it's a store pickup, just send us a picture of the receipt while you relax at home. If you plan on purchasing something from Craigslist or similar service, we recommend using Venmo to send money to the seller and let us take care of the rest.

Q. Will they bring my items inside?

A. Of course! Your Gozova crew will put all the items inside and adjust them around to make sure they are right where you want them.

Q. How do I schedule a pickup?

A. Download the app for either iOS or Android. Fill out a few details such as pickup and dropoff location and there will be an option for an Instant pickup or to schedule one for later.

Q. How do I know my items are safe?

A. Not only do we always send two people but all pickups come with blankets, straps and essentials tools to get your items from point A to B.