Gozova Referral Program Terms & Condition

The Gozova Referral Program allows registered Gozova users to earn promotional credits toward future pickups by referring their friends as first-time Gozova users. To participate, Gozova users must agree to the following terms.

Earning Gozova Credit

Gozova users can earn Gozova credit to use on their future pickups if (i) A referred friend enters the referral code before placing their first pickup with Gozova (ii) Referred friend completes their first Gozova pickup (iii) All associated users comply with Gozova Terms of Service and Referral Terms of Service.

After the first pickup is complete and the invoice is paid, the original user will be rewarded with described referral credit. Referral credits expire after 90 days and have a maximum of $200 worth of credit at one time unless otherwise indicated.

Gozova credits will not be rewarded by creating multiple Gozova accounts, this act will subject the user to a termination of their participation in the program. Gozova credit earned in separate accounts may not be combined into one Gozova account.

Multiple Referrals & Coupons

A Gozova user can only be referred by one referral or coupon code. The referral credit will be rewarded to the user whose code was redeemed.

Termination & Changes

Gozova has the right to suspend a user's ability to participate in the referral program at any time for any reason.